Synapse 3 is a deal breaker... is there a way to get new product to run under synapse 2?

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by Yendie, Jul 17, 2020.

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  1. Yendie

    Yendie New Member

    For years I used a razer naga epic with razer synapse 2. I had to replace my mouse recently with a Naga Trinity which uses synapse 3. I quickly learned that under synapse 3 that:
    1.) I cannot easily import older model Naga synapse 2 profiles into updated / newer version of Naga synapse 3.
    2.) Synapse 3 Does not support multiple keymaps for the same profile. This is hugely important to me because I use 1 profile with multiple keymaps for different characters and play-styles. As it stands, I'm looking to have to create hundreds of profiles and make a mess of quickly finding keybinds.

    This is a complete deal breaker for me.
    I either need the keymaps tab reintergated into synapse 3, or the better / faster option is for my mouse (razer naga trinity) to be supported on razer synapse 2.0, or I will have to end buying products for razer. I've been already annoyed for the past year that the razer did not include THX Spatial Audio support for my razer Leviathan Sound bar. Please fix these.
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  2. Yendie

    Yendie New Member

    Also irritated that my Razer Panthera was not supported by any synapse.
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