Synapse sound issue?

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by LukeSkyballer, May 25, 2019.

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  1. LukeSkyballer

    LukeSkyballer New Member

    So there was an update to synapse 3.0. I have the Nari Ultimate headset. After update didn't notice any issues until I played Battlefield V. The only sound I would get would be popping sound. I looked into the windows sound manager and noticed that my output device had been changed from Razer Nari Ultimate to Speakers (THS Spatial- Synapse). I guess the update changed this setting as I know I didn't. All other games work so far with the new setting except Battlefield V. If I change the output setting back to Nari ultimate its fine. I don't notice a difference in sound between the two setting other than BFV.

    Anyone know what the new setting is for and why it wouldnt work with BFV?
  2. Lauriat

    Lauriat Title: Entitled

    THX Spatial Audio is simply there to deliver a seamless 360° positional audio for more natural and lifelike positioning. If it's conflicting with BFV, then you can just simply disable it by going back to the original settings.
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