System UI Stops working. (Razer phone 2)

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by Cherryfutureradio593, Apr 10, 2019.

  1. So I recently bought a razer phone 2 and loving it but shortly after starting to use it love it for the most part, even tho the glass back has already cracked over the smallest drop. But that's not the problem, when I use my phone everything is okay but when I click the side button to to put it in my pocket then forget to text someone and click it again the phone stays black, occasionally it vibrates, sometimes my alarms goes off but the screen is black. And I have to restart it to be usable again, and I can continue to use my phone with no trouble until i click the side button again and then its russian roulette if its going to work again. Sometimes it just restarts itself, recently after a week or so I get this menu shown in the img on screen not sure what it means. I've tried to put it in safe mode but it still has trouble, I rather not factory restart if i don't have to. I have a huawei watch 2 classic connected via bluetooth, my kia soul car when i'm driving which the audio on the calls sometimes are slightly muffled, and a pokemon go watch. I 'm not running any weird apps, facebook, snapchat, dicord, apps for my watch but if it is one of my apps making the system UI crash is their a way to isolate it and solve it?

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  2. got this today

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