Tartarus Chroma Synapse2 dont register it.

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by Mobiss, Oct 12, 2019 at 1:08 AM.

  1. Mobiss

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    I have Cynosa Chroma and Naga registered with Synapse3 and just found my Tartarus Chroma to use with WoW.

    Installed Synapse 2 and after several installs/unistalls, i finally got it to open. Then i can see in Synapse 2 there is no devices. So no way for me to program it. I have some configs from my Razer Account on it, those works. Cuz in WoW it works with the config i used like 1 year ago. But i can not find it in Synapse2..

    What is rly wrong with Razer products, my Cynosa also had error with NumPad keys for 1 year, double registrating keystrokes. No one could help me, but like 2-3 weeks ago or something it just started working normal again.

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  2. Mobiss

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    Ok, this is what i now have done.
    I run Windows 10 / All latest updates done. I have Synapse 2 and Synapse 3 Installed
    My Hardware from Razer is:
    • Tartarus Chroma v1
    • Cynosa Chroma
    • Naga Trinity
    My TODO list for this to work:
    • Uninstalled all Razer Software
    • Unplugged Keyboards and mouse from Razer
    • Plugged in old Mouse and Keyboard before restart
    • After restart i connected my Synapse 3 gear, Mouse and Keybord before installing Synaps 3
    • Checked those worked
    • Restart computer to see all still worked
    • Plugged in my Tartarus Chroma V1 to USB3 before i used USB2
    • Installed Synapse 2
    • Restarted PC

    I disabled Auto Update on Synapse 2 and Synapse 3.
    Full backup on Computer.

    Last time i do anything with Razer Products.
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