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Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by Shafiu, Jan 31, 2021.

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    I bought my razer laptop ( Razer 17" late 2019 model) mid last year I don't think its even been an year.
    At first the laptop worked completely fine but after like 5 months or so the F12 button LED got messed up i looked up everywhere to find a solution did what razer told me to do online and nothing fixed it. the LED was unable to light up some colors, one month later an array of key LEDs gets messed up . the solution Razer gave me was to send my laptop to their repair facility overseas, I live in Maldives a small country where we don't have a lot of services yet and it would cost me a lot of money to get this shipped let alone pause all my work in progress for weeks or months and have no source of income!

    I was ok and let that be since it didn't effect any performance issue. 3 months later the Battery started bloating there was a dent under my laptop and i immediately removed the battery out of my laptop. The battery in late 2019 17 inch has an extra fan screwed on so i had to keep the plastic cover and rip the batteries apart to prevent from any more damages from the battery.

    This was still ok since I was unable to afford a pause in my workflow so i continued. BUT 3 days back there seems to be issues with my display now, Three black lines horizontally across the device. This is as far as i can tolerate this. I purchase this laptop for over 4 grands and its been constantly frustrating and the fact that razer is not responsible to solve these issues! now I am stuck with a laptop i bought without batteries, broken Keyboard LEDs and a display that keeps getting worse by the day without being able to get support in a remote country where razer does not offer services or take responsibilities for the cost of getting this fixed.

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