THX Spatial Audio its broken if set it on "auto" it will automatic disabled joining any game

Discussion in 'Audio' started by BenchAndGames, Jul 16, 2021.

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    Short story:
    Want to report that Synapse 3 THX Spatial Audio on AUTO its broken and when joining any game it will automatic disabled the entire THX Spatial Audio even if the Synapse 3 shows its enabled.

    Long story:
    Better explication:
    So having the THX Spatial Audio enabled for games, but on "auto" not "manual" is not working at all, (at least on games) how I got this conclution, so I tested the audio that I receveid on the BlackShark V2.

    1)I joining a game I hear a sound, I minimize the game and I go disabled THX still hear the sound from the game on backgorund, (I dont notice any difference when disabling the THX), now I enable again and I can fell the difference on sound, but here the bug its coming, pay atention when click on the game again to play, it will auto disabled and actually I can notice the sound that is different from the desktop where just few seconds ago I enabled it.

    So again I minimize the game and I check if THX still enabled, yes it show enabled, but I click on disabled and again I dont notice difference on sound. So here coming the second test:

    2) I enabled and disabled THX while im on destockp with the game minimized that I can still hear the game sound, and YES I totally can fell difference when enabling THX and when disabling it.
    But if I click again on the game with THX enabled, I can hear a transaction of the sound, that it will change from THX to non THX, at least sounds exactly the same when its disabled.

    So the other test I did is all this but with THX Spatial Sound on MANUAL

    3) Doing the same as above, when clicking on the game with THX enabled I still can hear the same sound, so in this case looks like THX actually works.
    Minimize the game for test the trick fo disabling THX and here its coming the confirmation that its works, I can hear the difference when disabling THX on sound coming from the game running at background, not like when it was on AUTO, did the same but not noticing any difference at all while disabling THX.

    So the conclusion is THX Spatial Sound it has to be set on MANUAL to properly works not on AUTO.
    Looks like having it on auto, when joining the game or clickking on game app, it will internal disabled THX even if Synapse 3 shows its still ON.

    It can be a little confusion on my text by I tried my best to explain
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