To 4k or not to 4k?

Discussion in 'Systems' started by Flashie08, Apr 6, 2021.

  1. Flashie08

    Flashie08 New Member

    Hi all,
    I've been pondering my first Razer laptop purchase whilst I wait for things to come back in stock. I'll be going for 17" laptop but not sure what screen to go for. I enjoy gaming but not high intensity FPS's or anything, more the RPG or strategy for me.
    I was thinking that 4k or at least UHD (2560x144) which I have on my current alienware) were the only real options as I don't think high Hz is too important for me and 1080p is too low. Am I correct or should I not be disregarding the 1080p? I will be going for either 3070 or 3080.

  2. dudepare01

    dudepare01 Member

    QHD is the way to go, with the RTX 3000 mobile series having enough horsepower to provide above consistent above 60FPS performance
  3. Flashie08

    Flashie08 New Member

    That means no 3080 though as it only comes in Full HD or 4k. At least the QHD 3070 is much much cheaper!!
  4. TheNamelessUsurper

    TheNamelessUsurper New Member

    I would advise against it.

    Linus had a video about how gaming at 4k is useless on smaller screens unless you get your face incredibly close to the monitor for your eyes to actually tell the difference.

    The QHD would be a much more worthy investment IMO. And a 3070 is still an incredibly powerful GPU :)
  5. Flashie08

    Flashie08 New Member

    Thanks, I think 4k is too much as you suggest. QHD would be good. Its interesting that other suppliers have got Full HD laptops even with 3080s. Just got to wait for things to get back in stock
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  6. TheNamelessUsurper

    TheNamelessUsurper New Member

    Yea. It's definitely weird. Feels like a waste for the power that gpu offers to put it in (most) laptops but I dunno.
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  7. Matthewe79

    Matthewe79 New Member

    FHD is the way to go in my opinion. With laptop GPUs performance is already at a premium, and likely than not to hit a high, steady framerate in a game you will be bumping the resolution down to 1080p anyway.

    Coming from a Xbox Series X with a 4K monitor, i'd take my 1080p screen on my Razer 3070 running games on ultra settings and getting 120-144fps any day. Games at these settings, on that size screen look better than 4k.
  8. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Go with 4K 120Hz 3080 pro if you’ve eyes on 3080 and not CSgo player. I think 1080p would slowly being out dated and might not push max performance from 3000 series gpu due cpu bottleneck, 1440p is sweet spot and you can always downscale to 1440p from 4K but not the way around, on pro 17 there’s 1440p 165Hz option though if you’re fine with 1440p.
    Someone like me can tell the resolution difference btw gaming on 1440p (stealth 2016) 1800p (MBP13 2019) and 1080p (stealth 2019) even on 13 inch panel without needed put my head one cm to the monitor, I missed that 1440p and 1800p when I’m playing things on stealth internal 1080p screen. It’s also maybe because they has a good panels, I saw some 4K 13/15 inch panel isn’t as great as MBP or stealth due bad factory calibration or cheaper panels like for example some cheap laptops or some portable external 4K monitor.
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