Turret XB1 Chroma gone haywire

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by nexusBazaarfast369, Apr 10, 2019.

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  1. nexusBazaarfast369

    nexusBazaarfast369 New Member

    I received my Turret for Xbox One yesterday (for use with Windows 10), and I'm happy with the hardware (I particularly like that the mouse tray can be left at just the width of the mouse for putting it down - a thoughtful touch).
    Unfortunately, just one day in and the Chroma lighting on both keyboard and mouse has gone very wrong.

    It seems to be stuck on Spectrum Cycling mode, and even worse is that when I have Synapse 3 open it fights the selected lighting profile, causing flickering on top of being stuck on cycling. Results are different depending on profile, but what is happening is that Synapse takes control when it updates the lighting, but any gap longer than half a second or so, and Spectrum Cycling will take over, then back and forth like that.

    The final 2 profiles, Wave and Wheel, work as intended, I guess because they're continually updating, so the ghost Spectrum Cycling doesn't get a look in. But I'm not exactly going to use those profiles am I.
    Starlight comes close to working - I get usual behaviour, excpet that every so often a key will come on for a split second, and then sometimes I'll see the Cycling coming through.
    Static mostly lets the Cycling get on with it, except most times I hit a key it'll return to the colour I selected, and there's flickering intermitently.

    I've tried:
    Uninstalling all Razer software (4 times so far)
    Reinstalling with the same user account
    Reinstalling with a fresh user account
    Installing Synapse 2 (which can't see the Turret XB1 hardware)
    Setting new profiles, deleting profiles
    Using Chroma Studio (outcome is the same as using any other lighting profile)

    For the time being I've switched off lighting on the mouse, and turned brightness down very low for the keyboard, as I can't see what I'm doing with no lighting. Thanks the gods these settings persist, at least. I then exit Synapse and just have to live with the Spectrum Cycling (which I'm afraid to say I hate, I just want a static colour for general use).
  2. nexusBazaarfast369

    nexusBazaarfast369 New Member

    Did I need to specify the support I require? I want to know whether this is something you can fix in a firmware update, or whether I need to have a new keyboard and mouse sent to me.
  3. HarlowQuinn

    HarlowQuinn New Member

    Been having an issue as well with the lighting. Seems to happen without rhyme or reason. Similar to your problem, I also experience the flicker on the top of the keyboard when trying to get the setting to what I want but seems to want to revert to spectrum cycling, and if I have different colors set for different keys (like wasd), they remain a different color by cycle. Only have the issue when in wireless, when wired seems to be OK. The thing is when it is working, if I remove the wireless dongle then reinsert it, the issue is sure to occur.

    Another problem I have, and this is also only when wireless, the FN key will hyperswitch all the mouse buttons except the 2 behind the scroll wheel. Fed up and returning mine today, was considering swapping it but not going to take the chance.
  4. imioo

    imioo New Member

    Having exactly the same problems you guys have described. Any luck with resolving this?
  5. nexusBazaarfast369

    nexusBazaarfast369 New Member

    Mine was fixed in the latest firmware update, so hopefully updating yours will help.

    I can scarcely believe the lack of response from Razer in this “official support forum”.

    I’ll just take this opportunity to throw this out there, because it balances out my earlier comment about thoughtful design: Here’s a keyboard on which the battery lasts about 3x as long as that of the mouse. Why on earth can’t I charge the mouse from the keyboard unless the keyboard is plugged in to the wall?
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  6. imioo

    imioo New Member

    Unfortunately update did not do anything for me. All is perfectly fine as long as keyboard is connected with the cable. Wireless it goes completely crazy. I have done an update, also I have tried removing synapse completely and installing it again. No joy.
  7. JNolan93

    JNolan93 New Member

    I was about to mention this in a new thread. I have the same issue, it will go stay on my setting for a few seconds before spectrum cycling. I hope they fix this.
  8. nexusBazaarfast369

    nexusBazaarfast369 New Member

    Aaaand the issue is back for me. Its return seemed to coincide with me having to restart windows explorer: when I looked back, Razer Central was open but not Synapse. It's worth noting, however, that I think I had updated Synapse that day, and I think with no restart in between.
    I was just getting used my nice plain orange keyboard lighting.
    Last edited: Jun 8, 2019
  9. JNolan93

    JNolan93 New Member

    Do you happen to have an Xbox One? For some reason, when you set your lighting through the Razer Turret app on Xbox, the onboard memory will save it and it will stay that way on PC as well when you switch the dongle over. I read in another thread that worked for someone and it worked for me too.
  10. nexusBazaarfast369

    nexusBazaarfast369 New Member

    I don't but I can lug the Turret over to a friend's house, so thanks for the info! A few questions you might be able to help with:
    Once set up on Xbox, can you switch profiles without losing the colour settings?
    Can you continue to use Synapse without it arsing everything up again, or do you need to uninstall it?
    What happens if you edit a profile in Synapse?


    Oh, and the issue went away again, no idea of the cause. But it would still be great to have my colour choices persist even when Synapse isn't running!
  11. JNolan93

    JNolan93 New Member

    No problem! Glad I could help, I'm not sure about your other questions, as I just made one profile with static green lighting. You should be able to switch profiles no problem. I know what you mean about Synapse, hopefully they find the problem and fix it.
  12. Fluidisity

    Fluidisity New Member

    No issues with my Turret until I used it on PC and updated it's firmware using Synapse. Now the top half or so of the keyboard flickers on and off randomly. Also this kb/m setup has always occasionally had some input lag (highly counter intuitive). Really nice hardware but this thing was $250 so what is the real solution here Razer? Do you just ignore your customers' problems even on your own site?
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  13. Razer.Speedcr0ss

    Razer.Speedcr0ss Speed Hunter Staff Member

    Hi @nexusBazaarfast369 and to everyone. Apologies for the absence of support on this thread. By the way, have you guys tweaked your Razer Turret on both Razer Synapse 3.0 and Xbox App on your Xbox One and see if the issue persists? What firmware version have you installed to your Razer Turret? Please send me a PM, let's continue from there.
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