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Undervolting i7 9750h

Discussion in 'Systems' started by arc2029, Jun 9, 2020.

  1. arc2029

    arc2029 New Member

    Hey, folks,

    I'm getting back into Razer on Wednesday when my new system shows up. I ordered the base model with 1660 ti and 9750h. Usually, my first task after updating windows and drivers on a new laptop is to install Throttlestop and undervolt, but I have been hearing that Razer's machines come undervolted from the factory.

    Is this true for the 9750h? Can I skip the UV this time around?

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  2. staypuft209

    staypuft209 New Member

    They do come undervolted but some ppl recommend trying to undervolt anyways. I did so with throttlestop along with locking cpu to 3ghz while gaming.
  3. FiszPL

    FiszPL Well-Known Member

    Never saw a factory undervolted CPU. Don't skip UV, just try and test.
  4. figrin1

    figrin1 Well-Known Member

    Several manufacturers (Apple included) have done some factory undervolting. It's smart. Tech nerds notice the reduced thermals and rave about it.
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