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Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by Rhomulous, Jan 9, 2019.

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  1. Rhomulous

    Rhomulous New Member

    !!!!! Help !!!!! I don't have stick drift but I do have noticeable lag while using wireless to my PS4. I only have v1.01, I did not update to the v1.02 (beta).

    I don't know why but a lot of people have been asking for help in this forum but only a select few have been offered support? I'm sorry but I don't understand what the criteria is for being selected for help on the product?

    Are we supposed to ask for help here or is there a different forum we should complain on?

    I've noticed a handful of people have shared links to the update v1.03 for the Ultimate but they all appear to be different addresses which is a little odd. Some say they were given a link that helped but wouldn't share it with anyone else. Is the update a tailormade patch or is there something else going on?

    Please someone help, this is the first 'Pro' controller I've ever bought, the first Razer product and by far the most I've ever spent on a controller.
  2. Razer.FatKidWanderer

    Razer.FatKidWanderer Just wandering around...

    Let me assist you with this. Can you send me the serial number of your Razer Raiju Ultimate through PM? Also, from what region/country are you in? Let's proceed from there.
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  3. Rhomulous

    Rhomulous New Member

    I've replied via "Conversations"
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  4. Rahai

    Rahai New Member

    Please can you let me know how you get on as I'm just about ready to give up and take back my controller. I bought this product not aware of these issues and now chasing my tail with no support or official fix from Razer

    Drifting was the last thing you'd expect from a £200 controller and was in denial at first

    Whist desperate trying to resolve, I've updated to firmware v1.0.12.0 but his does not help so of you're reading this, DO NOT UPDATE!
    Last edited: Jan 10, 2019
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  5. Rhomulous

    Rhomulous New Member

    Will do m8, I haven't had the chance to do it yet - work. I've heard this update does work mainly but you will need to revert your controller back to the 1st patch or factory settings I think. I didn't get the beta firmware so I only ever had the 1st official update.

    I suggest doing what I have and post your own plea for help on this forum but your own topic. That way you get to discuss your specific issues with the devs. I suspect there may be more than one version of the update depending on your location and issues, but I may be wrong.
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  6. 7nightwing7

    7nightwing7 Active Member

    The 1.03 firmware update works.....for one day. It returned on the second day for me. Not as strong as before, but still it's back.
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  7. Rhomulous

    Rhomulous New Member

    That's proper odd. I wonder what could've happened to cause a change??????
  8. 7nightwing7

    7nightwing7 Active Member

    Same thing with the beta firmware (1.02). It's if the settings do not hold long enough. This is the main issue with both of the razer controllers. The raiju ultimate and T.E. This is the plague that razer cant seem te fix. Almost everyone has this problem.

    I have to reset my controller via the razer app daily. This way the drift stays away. Does not work all the time though.
  9. Armageddon7272

    Armageddon7272 New Member

    Is there a 1.03 firmware update ? If so , can I get a link to it Please ;-) ?
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  10. Rhomulous

    Rhomulous New Member

    From what I can tell the best way to obtain the update would be to post your own topic explaining your problem and ask for help. There has been several people sharing links for the update they were sent but all the link addresses appear to be different. This leads me to suspect there may be differences between them. I may be wrong but that's how it appears.
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  11. Rahai

    Rahai New Member

    Can you give us an update on your controller since the fix??
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  12. Rhomulous

    Rhomulous New Member

    I will do. Still at work so I'm going to get it updated tonight and give it a few days to see if it does any shenanigans
  13. 7nightwing7

    7nightwing7 Active Member

    I had huge stick drift on left stick. Games i tested this on:
    The forest: Character started moving to the left by itself.

    Borderlands the handsome collection :

    Same as the forest. Huge stick drift on left stick. And character moving to the right direction on it's own.

    After 1.03 firmware :

    On both games the drift was gone. I was quite happy with that result. Played both games all day. No problems at all.

    However, the next day the drift started to slowly return. Also with borderlands 2, i had input lag on both sticks. When tried to walk or turn left, it would take 1 or 2 seconds for the controller to respond.

    So i'm afraid that this fix does not work.
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  14. Rhomulous

    Rhomulous New Member

    I wonder if you tried to fix it by reverting back to factory firmware then re-installing v1.03?
  15. 7nightwing7

    7nightwing7 Active Member

    I already did. Using the bootloader method
  16. Nireus

    Nireus New Member

    well i am quite happy with their 1.03 firmware, the stick is much better than before when doing aiming adjustment, the response time is now close to DS4, about 70% close, and drift and deadzone problems are both improved noticeably, under wired mode. Not as good as DS4, but playable for FPS games. I haven't tested BT mode but kind of happy with this update at the moment.
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  17. 7nightwing7

    7nightwing7 Active Member

    Yeah it's a good step in the right direction. Hopefully they will find the permanent fix.
  18. I wonder if they ever will be able to fix these issues without actually replacing the controllers. Which looking at the costs looks really unlikely. These could very well be hardware issues for which they try to compensate with firmware. Like reducing unintended input (stick drift) by increasing the threshold at which input is recorder (deadzone)
  19. NameAlwaysInUse

    NameAlwaysInUse New Member

    You are really happy with a 200€ gamepad which works 70% good as the original 50€ one? The Razer Raiju Ultinate is having more Inputlag via USB than the DS4 with BT :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  20. Nireus

    Nireus New Member

    i guess after experiencing their first couple of versions of firmware, I have become very forgiving for this controller. It is not an outstanding controller in terms of game performance, in fact no controller can beat DS4 in general. DS4 with a strike pack can beat every thing period on the market for PS4.
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