What is up with Razer Mamba Wireless Chroma?

Discussion in 'Mice and Surfaces' started by OEndii, Feb 12, 2019.

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  1. OEndii

    OEndii New Member

    Im from Brazil and im going to new york in july and i want to buy a lot of razer products (because the price is 3x more expensive, not kidding) and i have a question
    What just happened with razer mamba wireless chroma?
    I only found 1 left in the stock on amazon and it looks pretty nice, but
    A lot of people say that it isnt a good wireless mouse and the normal one is better, and that lancehead wireless is better. I could buy lancehead but i dont like the style
    So here is my question
    is it worse than the others?
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  2. Are you talking about the original mamba wirless with the clickforce? If so it has some god awful problems that caused razer to abandon the wirless version. The mamba elite is basicly the newer wired version. I currently still have the old wirless in my closet, for funzies i fired it up in synapse 2 and it still has all the old problems (both in windows 7 when i got it and now 10). #1 the laser sensor is jittery to the point of being unusable for any fps games. #2 if you enable advance chroma effects the lights will do this annoying thing were they become very very dim no mater what you do. Its a shame because i really liked every thing else about the mouse. Razer should have fixed it and intigrated it into synapse 3
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