Why Razer is lying about Blade laptops?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by TyphMusic, Apr 28, 2021.

  1. TyphMusic

    TyphMusic New Member

    I'm huge fan of Razer, can screenshot all of my old / current equipments by Razer.
    Recently, I purchased Razer Blade Base (Early 2020) with RTX 2060, since Advanced model is too expensive, I thought base is enough for me + I'm not huge fan of RGB.

    I installed linux to handle my some stuffs, but saw that there is a Synapse port for Linux called OpenRazer.

    I installed it then realized Razer's "Per key / Per zone RGB" thing is a huge lie.

    There is only software limitation for Synapse, basically you get full RGB using external application.

    I always thought they didn't add something that increases the price of base model for the rgb, but it seems, they just add limitation.
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  2. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Synapse is for windows not linux, I know there’s some tweak per github changing zone to per key just install 3rd party apps on an iPad to increase its potential, but they don’t support it well, pretty same with you can use per key rgb on base on Linux but it won’t be as great as on windows. And zone rgb backlight isn’t as bright as advanced, at least from my stealth 2019 zone rgb compared to advanced 15 and book 13 single rgb and from pictures that uploaded online from users who use that apps isn’t great and to me looks like a cheap laptop keyboard rgb, so it’s most probably not the same hardware and maybe not passed their criteria as per key chroma rgb since advanced single rgb is one of best keyboard rgb on laptops.
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  3. FiszPL

    FiszPL Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    OpenRazer is only a fan (community), open-source project, not maintained by Razer.

    It's clearly in specification, that base 2020 model have Single zone RGB, and not per key RGB (which is only in Blade Advanced).
  4. TyphMusic

    TyphMusic New Member

    No, you guys both know this wrong.

    First of all, this is not even relevant with iPad, OpenRazer built a driver that communicates with mobo for RGB, so basically, it's same thing Synapse does. Because in order to communicate with mobo without any issues, you need to reverse some codes / hardware communications.

    So stop saying that OpenRazer uses a tweak or openrazer is not quality as Synapse.

    For me, it's.

    Jolkensai told base models keyboard's are bad compared to advanced, well that's wrong.
    Same brightness applies for both Base / Advanced model. [0-255] (meanwhile some models have 0-100)

    Also, I just realized that, Base models is not both single zone rgb or per key rgb.

    The only limitation Base models has (other single zone models are really single zone) is the 1x16 RGB dims.

    HAS_MATRIX = True
    MATRIX_DIMS = [1, 16]

    This is from the OpenRazer's Blade Base 2020 model's config.

    As you can see, according to their port, Base has 1 row, 16 column.

    So basically, this means you can easily apply Wave effect (which is not available in Synapse) or you can make your own effects from the Chroma Studio.

    Check my Blade Base 2020
  5. TyphMusic

    TyphMusic New Member

    The thing you guys can't understand it, hardware is 1x16, but Razer is saying that it's 1x1.

    You can't tweak 1x1 led, because, basically tweaking is not working like that. If hardware is not allowing you to do it because of it's specs, you can't basically.

    But as you can see, according to their reverse engineering, Base models has 1x16 (normally for per key, you need to have 6x16) so this means, you can't customize the rows but you can easily customize columns which you can make Wave effect, semi wheel effect, Ripple effect.

    But Razer limited it to 1x1 in Synapse.

    Why did they added limitation if the hardware supports it? Stop bs and just think about it.

    It's like Apple decreasing the performance of your phone to force you new iPhone, but normally, your iPhone is good enough for you.
  6. TyphMusic

    TyphMusic New Member

    Checked their port, Stealth 2019 has 1-100 brightness (with Blade Base 2020, it's 255 so you can get full color combination of RGBA)
    Also, it's 1x1, so Stealth 2019's hardware is not supporting per key rgb.
    But base's does.
  7. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Not sure if it’s because of pictures but to me it looks like some cheap MSI rgb laptops. I’ve been using per key rgb blade laptops since blade 14 and stealth 12,5 ages, can tell the difference from light quality on those picture and stealth 2019, it’s way better on per key one. Not sure if it’s software limitation but it when I use audio visualizer the wave effect was a meh, looks cheap to me so I use static or spectrum cycle.
    I’m not specified on git hub code but for hardware code on windows you can check device ID on device manager, and let’s us match between advanced and base model, though mine is 2018 model, if you want.
  8. TyphMusic

    TyphMusic New Member

    You're so ignorant and I won't waste my time to tell you something.
    Device ID won't match because both of those are different devices.

    Also, you probably think that OpenRazer modified something, no. If they put 6x16, it won't be per key, the current dimension of Razer blade's is the 1x16, that's why they put it as 1x16.

    Audio visualizer is always the worst thing, can say that with my all Razer equipments + I'm using static white on all my devices.

    Advanced + Base has the same rgb kit except of their dimension, again, you can easily verify that by going OpenRazer's port.

    Stop claiming non-sense things.
  9. TimeViewer

    TimeViewer New Member

    Stop insulting everyone maybe?
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  10. TyphMusic

    TyphMusic New Member

    I'm not insulting anyone, I wouldn't talk about the things I'd know or I wouldn't produce false information.

    The guy above told that compare Device ID's to see if those devices has same backlight.
    Even Advanced 2020 - Advanced 2021 has different Device IDs, this won't prove anything.

    You can't tweak a hardware.
    It's like searching download 8 gb ram in google.

    I just created a thread, and told in Synapse's Linux Port, devs defined Blade Base (Early 2020) as 1x16 dimm keyboard.

    And asked why Razer claimed they put 1x1 dimm instead of 1x16, there is a lot of effect can apply to 1x16 like Wave, Ripple, etc.

    Some devices have 1x1, but not Base models, and asked why Razer is not allowing to customizable 1x16 layout.
  11. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Calm on man. You look like to me like MacBook users asking m1 chips to be able run Egpu or windows so they use some way around like virtual machines for running windows that isn’t supported natively. As I mentioned above synapse is built for windows and if you can use similar specs with advanced on other OS, then be happy with it. There’s some advantage and disadvantages getting lower price tag blade model and zone rgb is one of the disadvantages. M1 users know they can’t play GTAV on arm but they still try to do it and happy with 900p 60 FPS low setting with occasionally lag:joy: Watching from book 13 intel Xe with 90fps normal setting 1200p. No offense but it’s not false advertising imo, and some including me preferred original mature color per key rgb over looking cheap wave rgb effect on their looking good laptop.
    As a bonus here advanced 2018 per key chroma keyboard for your reference, took on a bright environment with a potato IPhone 6s Plus camera. The real is way better I believe. And to me, it looks far better than your base wave effect on dark room I suppose.
  12. TyphMusic

    TyphMusic New Member

    The thing is, my picture wasn't Wave effect :) I made it randomly using a tool called OpenRGB :)
    I'm currently on macOS and there is only one tool to customize and it's not supporting Wave effect somehow, but it has Wheel, I can post it too.

    Well, I don't have DSLR camera, it's pictured with iPhone 7 Plus.


    The picture I sent you above is the proof of Base's models DIMM 1x16

    You should check what SysNative is first, (in order to talk about architectures, eventually isn't it became ASM?)


    Check this doc.

    ARM is the future of the computing technology.
  13. TyphMusic

    TyphMusic New Member

    I've purchased base model because advanced model is not necessary for me, as you can see, I installed macOS instantly because that was why I've purchased it for.

    I coulda purchase 2021, but didn't because intel's 11th gen iGPU is not supporting macOS.

    I coulda purchase more GPU, but like I said it's not necessary cause you have to disable the Nvidia GPU (because it's consuming power unnecessarily -there is no support for Nvidia gpus)

    So basically, Razer's Blade Base (Early 2020 with 2060) is fine for me, I have decent pc with i9 10850k, 2080ti.
    I don't want to play games in my laptop, 144hz is too important for me, so I went for Razer (also I'm huge fan of them)

    The comparison between M1 and Base / Advanced is too non-sense, M1 users is stuck at the performance, they're using different architecture to playing games, there is no way to push ARM to get 144 fps with 1080p.

    Because it's not software limitation, it's the hardware limitation.

    You told me, you've purchased zone rgb model, no I didn't.

    I purchased 1x16 DIMM laptop, and it's limited to 1x1 in Synapse application.
  14. TyphMusic

    TyphMusic New Member

    The difference between Advanced and Base models is the you can fully customize advanced keyboards.

    But for the Base models, you can only customize as rows.

    Advanced: 6x16 DIMM
    Base: 1x16 DIMM

    So the extra effects can apply to Base is:
    Wheel(Not 100% accurate, but it still has good looking)
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