Windows 10 - how to install Razer Cortex to run for all users or force to run as admin?

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by Arthur1an, Mar 9, 2021.

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  1. Arthur1an

    Arthur1an New Member


    I've purchased 2 Razer Kraken USB headsets. One is setup on my PC in my admin profile and is running perfectly. The other, I have tried to install on my son's user profile and it is not running effectively - Cortex is failing to launch and bits of the driver software are either not working or only running intermittently. On reboot the software asks for an admin password despite being granted rights to run as admin, but entering that also doesn't resolve the issue.

    Both PCs are running home editions of Win 10.

    I have tried setting the individual .exes to run as admin, and granting full permissions to these for all users but that is not resolving it. When I then install the drivers on the admin profile it is working perfectly, but only on that profile.

    How do I force the drivers/software to install, run and update correctly for all user profiles and not just the admin profile, or how else can I resolve this?

    Many thanks
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