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Would you buy the RP2 again? Why or why not.

Discussion in 'Mobile' started by BeeDubz, Dec 4, 2019.


Would you buy a RAzer Phone 2 again?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  1. I use it carefully and tender ,I never ues it violence. When it charging,I will only use it for checking massage.However,with the same treatment even I playing game when charge at my old phone, it's charge port is stand more than 2.5 years , until today it runs normally, only has a little slack.It is the Samsung galaxy c 5,only cost 200 USD,but this is razer phone ,it costs 799 USD in February when I buy.I don't expect the charge port will be dead, Just after eight months of use with the carefully tend.
  2. BeeDubz

    BeeDubz New Member

    If it's any consolation I've read quite a few instances of the charging port failing, so I doubt it was your handling of the device. There seems to be at least a bad batch, if the condition isn't a design failure that affects all units.
  3. Hammerfest

    Hammerfest New Member

    No, Absolute trash Bluetooth Audio due to MALICIOUS kneecapping in multiple places in the ROM by Razer
  4. BeeDubz

    BeeDubz New Member

    I've seen this mentioned in other threads. It seems like this is a glaring omission by Razer. I'm not an audiophile but I do have some wireless earbuds to try.
  5. Now my charge port is completely dead,I sent few email to the support to support my problem and follow it , but there no any reply,l am very angre,I don't have any more patient,razer just is a asshole treat their customers as idiot.
  6. Now my phone is dead,I can't charge,I left 12% better.
  7. I will Go to the razer shop,check it.
  8. Pinkshot

    Pinkshot Member

    Try their online chat support. I wrote an email regarding my sim tray stuck problem. No reply. I used the chat support and got the case logged. Have to wait in the chat queue though. Around 20mins! I guess they got overwhelming quality issues.
  9. M4cb3th

    M4cb3th New Member

    Well I've got mine since the initial release (paid full price of 800€ at the time... not the 400-500-ish that's the asking price now)

    Up until now no issues (it did some random reboots during the first 1-2 months but those got patched)
    I dropped the phone several times and only got a few scratches on the side (the metallic edges)
    USB-C port has no problems so far.

    I DO have to say that I use the Qi/wireless charging function a lot (got an Ikea lamp with built in qi charger on my nightstand, the official Razer wireless charger at my PC desk, another qi charger in my car and a powerbank that can charge wireless as well) so the USB port does not get too much uselately, at for charging purposes.
    I DID use the USB port for charging the first half year or so after I got the phone and also still use it to charge the phone while on vacation.

    Audio works quite well, be it with my Sony Bluetooth headphones, my (wired through dongle) Audio Technica Ath50s or the Razer Hammerhead True Wireless in ears I bought a few weeks ago.
    Sound through speakers is also awesome (had to use the phone as a mini-TV while staying at the hospital for a few weeks last year), at least compared to the phones I had before or the ones my friends/coworkers have that I could compare mine with.

    Switching the Dolby Atmos/EQ settings manually is a must though!

    If you keep the "Dynamic" setting on all the time your sound will be mediocre at best...
    Better use "Movie" setting for the built in speakers and adjust the "Music" setting to your liking (or even make a custom setting...) for use with headphones.

    As for the camera: The XDA-Developers forum ( https://forum.xda-developers.com/razer-phone-2 ) has a modified version of the Google Camera app that should get better pictures than the Razer app ( https://forum.xda-developers.com/razer-phone-2/themes/mod-google-camera-t3898230 ).

    Based on what I keep reading everywhere there seems to have been a shipment with somewhat more fragile USB ports installed but that seems to not be an issue with older(first few batches?) devices.
    I'm living in Europe/Germany and bought the phone through Amazon so maybe the shipments that got here had better quality control ?‍

    Anyway I'm quite happy with my phone and for the price they want for it now I'd definitely buy another if I'd need one (or a Razer Phone 3 if that ever gets made)
    Last edited: Dec 8, 2019
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  10. Pinkshot

    Pinkshot Member

    Most likely it's a manufacturing cost cutting measures on the newer batch. Less stringent on quality or lower cost parts used. The RP2 I got so far is fine except for the Sim tray jammed.
  11. BeeDubz

    BeeDubz New Member

    I hope that the USB port problem might be limited to a certain batch rather than being a device-wide issue and that Razer support takes care of it for the affected users. I’m enjoying using this device, but there are issues that keep popping up. The camera is janky. The call volume, even on speaker is lacking. But the screen is great and the speakers are awesome--that Dolby Atmos demo is jaw dropping. I don't game much but I did install the Dolphin emulator for grins and giggles and The Wind Waker worked great! Still not sure if I’m keeping it or not, but I’m putting it through the paces.
  12. zDsRSleet

    zDsRSleet New Member

    Bout it the other day and have problems with reception where I live with it but my google pixel worked fine with Telstra (Australia)
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