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2 questions for Razer Huntsman (slippery rubber feet and wrist rest problems)

  • 26 February 2019
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I'm almost certain that I will get a Razer huntsman, but have 2 questions to ask before I decide between the regular or the elite:

1) for the regular, non-elite, if the rubber feet are raised, does it slip around much? I saw some reviews that said it slips a bit, so I'm worried that it may slip too much in an intense match

2) for the elite: I heard that if the palm rest is misaligned, it will cause stuttering keys. I heard there is a firmware to fix this, but I saw Reddit posts just this month saying it still occurs. Has the latest firmware fixed this yet?


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I have the Huntsman elite, so can't answer explicitly on the first point. However, with the wrist rest removed, and the feet raised, i do see a little slippage if I'm very aggressive with the keyboard. The raised feet do have some sticky foam on them, but the foot print is much smaller than if the feet were retracted:

However, with the wrist rest in place, it's heavy/sticky - can't get it to budge.

Regarding your second question - I've been using this for a couple months now, I've never seen 1) my rest disconnect/misaligned - the magnets are very strong and the rest is held in place solidly. Even if it was at some point, I've not seen the key stuttering you described.
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Most people who have issue is with lightning but when you look at forum they have problem with powersupply that cant deliver most power for keybord and wristrest. Like @CaptnHammer write in stability you will dont have any issue if you mean intense gaming beat the keybord with all your force then yes every keybord will bend and brake plastic parts for normal use you dont have any issue ;P