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A great idea for razer keypads

  • 18 June 2023
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As u know the issue is sometimes u can't remember when u use a keypad what button is set to what key my idea is using leds or a micro display in the keycaps that can tell u the button layout for ur set profile like for example I have the tartarus pro and button 1 is set to example button b then in that profile the led or micro display shows b instead of 1 its just an idea  and how are u gonna use it will be the question I have a answer for that to for the already made keypads u can use a kind like paper wiring for power and data and newer keypads can have it integrated it will make the keypad better to use like I said it's just an idea I wish ur all reading it and if something doesn't make sense reply or find a better solution 

Greetings DestinyBetween 

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