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Cynosa Chroma Keybinds

  • 1 November 2020
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How do I get like the F1 key to do volume control and then when in the game the f1 key do the functions of the game instead it does the volume control while in game and I need it to do what the game is needing. Also how to do I default all the keys to their respective defaults instead of clicking on each key individually? Like f3 does not do volume up as its default key right now and there are some all over the keyboard that are not assigned

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The easiest, and fastest way to have default keybinds is to create new settings profile in Synapse. And this is also answer for your 1st question - how to have different keybindings for each game/app - you just make a new profile for the game, then in Profiles -> Devices you select your profile, and assign "Linked games" to it. It will automatically change the profile if the assigned game will be running.