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Failed Product

  • 21 October 2023
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Hello I purchased a Razer huntsman 60% keyboard at Walmart in a different town than my home town as I was getting my surface pro for repaired. I got the item and came home excited to use it. Nothing. On the keyboard works.  I went to the local Walmart as it was within return period and the manager in the electronics said because it didn't come from the Wilkesboro, NC store it came from the Hickory, NC store that it was at their discretion here if they honored the return and she wouldnt allow the item to be returned. I've called and tried speaking with different people. I went to the store and they scanned my receipt and it seems like because it was on sale in hickory  they didn't want to do it because they would lose money from it honoring the sale price.  I check my Walmart app and they have it now listed as returned.  So that means that their system shows it as returned but no one has ever let me. Hand them it and hand me a replacement for it. It's less than 30 days old and I can't get in touch with Razer for nothing. I feel like I donated money for a pretty ass keyboard that doesn't work what so ever. Because it's showing returned as of today in their system I couldn't take it back anyways cuz it would look like I'm using the same receipt to return to get like money back twice or some dumb mess idk. I just want someone somewhere to take ownership and make this right. 

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