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Hunstman Elite suggestions for Chroma Lighting

  • 14 February 2019
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This can probably apply to all keyboards, mice, or anything that has the chroma lighting. One thing that I do find a bit annoying is that during boot, when I lock my computer, and when the software occasionally (one time being too many) doesn't see the keyboard that it defaults to a gaudy rainbow effect. I am sure there are a few people out there who like it, but I find it just annoying. It would be really great that if the lighting that I spent some time tweaking and making it exactly the way I wanted it to be, be the default all the time unless I specify otherwise. I can't be that hard to have the keyboard store the current lighting setup as a default boot, idle, etc, option. If I lock my screen the lights on the keyboard should stay exactly as I left them, when I boot my computer the lights should be exactly as I left them. I don't see how that is an issue or how it could be difficult to implement.

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Ok, so first, use a period once and a while. The keyboard supposedly has room to store 5 profiles on internal memory. There is no reason that any one of these cannot be used during boot. There is also no legitimate reason that the keyboard needs to be connected to a pc running a specific software to have the lights remain at a specific setting. The software should only ever update the profile that is stored on the keyboard, after that the keyboard should be able to be used without the chroma software having to be run. How stupid is it that in order to make use of a keyboard that it first needs to be connected to the internet? That was the issue with the first Razer keyboards, they wouldn't even power on until the PC was fully booted and had a internet connection. The only way to get them to work was to plug in a completely different keyboard, wait until the PC was booted, then wait for the Razer software to load, then and only then would the original Razer keyboards even work. That was the reason I returned it the day after I got it and got a Das Keyboard instead. Now Das Keyboard started doing that BS so now I am back to Razer. At least they got rid of the stupid requirement to be connected to the internet before the keyboard was usable. That makes logging into your computer pretty much impossible if you don't have a spare keyboard connected.

My current PC boots in about 5 seconds between hitting the power button and I am logged into Windows. You must be using an antiquated pc if it still takes you 2 minutes to boot. So, it has nothing to do with waiting for anything. It has everything to do with getting what I paid for. That rainbow effect is the worst lighting effect I have ever seen. If anything just leave it at a static color. 99% of the time I am not even looking at my keyboard, when I do, I want to see what I specified the colors to be. The primary reason I even purchased a backlit keyboard was so that I can use it in low-light conditions.
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First world problems when the keyboard doesnt run your desired lighting when booting. 😃
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To be precise: The real problem is that I cannot pay less for a version of the same product that has no lighting. I'm not 10 anymore. I don't actually look at my keyboard while I'm using the keyboard. Come to think of it, neither does anybody watching me while I use it.

Well I meant it cause there is no way around this issue unless the keyboard has in built memory and lighting controller that can store your effect and call it up without needing software, basically just using power. As far as I know no keyboard from Razer does this. It is one of my main gripes with them too since I usually dont want any software running in the background even though I have 16 gigs of RAM so I want lighting to be stored locally along with the profiles for keymaps and dpi etc.
Ok I can understand the part when you just lock you computer and you want it to stay and your preferred lighting effect cause you are around and you want to see what you made and since synapse should still be active but when you boot your computer where nothing is running and many things that require extra software to run properly don't work completely you want it to have the effect that you created.

Again I agree with the idle part and not the boot part cause from the little knowledge that i have I suppose that the boot part and most probably the idle part are saved in a chipset inside the keyboard so they will run when the keyboard only gets power and no other signals or commands and changing that after you made it I think its hard cause that chipset is set to read only probably cause otherwise it might malfunction.

And what exactly do you find annoying in the spectrum cycling that it has as default that you just can't stand it in the maximum 2 minutes that your computer need to boot and run synapse??
First of all I don't have to use a period if the sentence is correct, i can use it to make it easier to read.

Second as long as I remember the keyboard is usable before the synapse is open and yes i agree that it it isn't then its not worth.

Third if your computer takes 5 seconds from hitting the power and be logged into windows and you don't look at your keyboard 99% of the time as you said then still I don't see the problem with the boot up. Moreover we don't all have the money to buy high end computers that are able to boot up in 5 second.

Also the fact that it can store 5 profiles in its internal memory doesn't make it easy to use one to boot up. If it was then most of the companies would give this option.

Finally it's not polite to start a message by correcting the other person, even if this is the internet and nobody cares

Best regards.
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First of off on-board memory if i remember dont save lightning effect. Second synapse 3 right now is softwere that use internet connection to sync profiles and settings pc <->razer server without connection do dont log to synapse and dont load anything. Third windows 10 when load to log screen load all system and trey apps that are on autostart. In this moment there is no way to use synapse in another way. Keybord and other pheripecials work as normal device without synapse and you can use them without adevced changes like specific light or keybinds.
First world problems when the keyboard doesnt run your desired lighting when booting. :D

To be precise: The real problem is that I cannot pay less for a version of the same product that has no lighting. I'm not 10 anymore. I don't actually look at my keyboard while I'm using the keyboard. Come to think of it, neither does anybody watching me while I use it.
Looking around, it seems that this is the expected behavior of the Huntsman.
I agree with others who say that the advertising is misleading. To me it seems like a small thing to have the lights on something simple, like solid Razer green—or even off—by default. But someone chose spectrum cycling, so that's what we get to see every time Synapse goes out of the picture. I can live with it, but if I could buy the same keyboard without lighting, I would in a heartbeat.
First World problem: My keyboard is too good looking.