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Keyboard :)

  • 16 January 2019
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Hey, I am thinking of buying a new keyboard. Would like to see what you guys suggest me. I am willing to pay around 100-200€

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4 Replies

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Blackwidow Chroma v2.
If you can go a bit hight than 200€ - Huntsman Elite.

Have both of them, and I love them both. Depending on your preferences, I would suggest to choose between those two.
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Write more info anout for what you will be usuing keybord and what other things you can do like main goal is playing games most fps but i want also use a let say Photoshop. This kind of info give more what can opeople recommend you 🙂
Blackwidow Elite sounds like your best bet.
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Get the Razer Anansi

JK that was my first Razer Keyboard and Razer product but it's now extinct. From what I've tried out in stores though, I recommend the Razer Huntsman just because the opto-mechanical switch feels amazing.