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Lighting for Blackwidow X Chroma randomly restarts

  • 10 March 2019
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so i recently built a new computer and i have purchased the blackwidow x chroma mercury white. i have not had any issues with its functionality but i have just now noticed that the lighting i have set will just turn off and start right back up as if nothing happens by just fading back on. i uninstalled/reinstalled synapse and went as far as removing mystic light as i heard it used to cause an issue as well. i tried to sit back and watch to see if it happens while nothing is being done and could see its not related to what im doing on the screen or on the keyboard. it doesnt really hurt me because its not like im looking at the keyboard 24/7 but it "urks" me knowing that it is doing this. i would really appreciate if i can get some help to solving this problem faster than i could on my own.

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2 Replies

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This can be a random device disconnect that can give you flash notice, random power drop on powersupply or some error on profile. From your side you can try to delete profiles you have on studio module and create new to cheack if the issue will be there also you can try to force keybord driver reinstall simply by going to windows device menager and remove keybord unplug reboot pc and plug back when windows boot.
I believe i have identified the issue. When i started up razer softminer i saw my keys flash and start back up. I have yet to notice my keys misbehaving before this so im going to keep an eye on it to make sure 100% its only the softmine...