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My blackwidow V3 mini hyperspeed gone crazy

  • 30 November 2023
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I've got my balckwidow V3 mini hyperspeed about 2 days ago every thing was working fine yesterday i plugged in my keyboard in to ps5 via cable cause it wont work via dongle or bluetooth to play some cod mw3. After i stopped playing mw3 i unplugged my cable turned off ps5 etc. and went to bed i woke up today at 4 am and i wanted to see someting on pc so i turned it on. In an about 10 minutes i havent seen anything wrong.I started messaging with my friend on discord and then i saw that the synapse was updating i haven't done anything at this moment casue it seemed normal but in a while i've got a message from my friend and i wanted to replay to him but in this moment when typing i realized that K button on my keyboard isn't doing anything. so i looked up on the internet what it might be i saw on razer page that i should turn it off press esc caps nad sapce button and turn it on again i did it but nothing has changed. after that i saw my windows, I, 8  and M keys werent working too after a while keyboard gone crazy it started turning on settings cast and etc on my windows as i would press some key bind or etc but i wasn't. then i tried using it wired but things has gone even worse it started spamming more so my windows even crashed and had to relaunch exploler also led were bugging.