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Ornata Chroma Lighting preset issue

  • 30 January 2019
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ive set up a lighting theme that i wanted and deleted all other profiles because i wanted to keep it the same when i took it from my computer to my xbox 1s, but it keeps going back to breath or whatever the default lighting is. Is there any way that i can have my keyboard always have the same lighting with all devices?

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7 Replies

Do you have the app open and the problem remains?
no i finish making the profile i want then i apply then close the app and shut my computer down then disconnect it and plug it into my xbox and then the lighting profile changes by itself.
works perfectly fine on my computer but once i plug it into my xbox its gone
you need to have the app open if you disconnect or log out from the app it will back at the default lighting
So there's no way to save it to the keyboard itself? Man i hope xbox comes out with an app or something then :mad_:
no you need to have the app open 😢
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Some of keybord have on-board memory to save key-binds and profiles but some people say that if you save profile on-board to keybord you can use it in static effect on xbox if you dont have the on-board memory you can do nothing ;/