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razer black widow v3 pro doouble typing

greetings! i come here in hopes that someone might know a fix foor a double typing keyboard. for some reason its only the "o" key that seems too double type. ive cleaned the keyboard, cleaned the switch, made sure the keyboard wasnt low on power, moved the wireless dongle adapter thing to other usb ports and it always seems to doouble type regardless.

does anyone here know of a way too fix it?

foor the sake of example, ive left all the mistakes and misspellings in here invoolving the "o" key to show how it double types.

thank you for your time and i hope you all have a wonderful morning/afternoon/evening/night.

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Think it’s kind of pointless to add to this, however I do want to pile in (and probably vent a bit).

I have this problem as well, only it seems to be with the ENTIRE keyboard; I’m actually typing this on a separate keyboard. 

For example, this is what I type normally

“The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.”

And here it is with the Black Widow v3

The qquicck bbrboownn  fox jumps ovvee  thte  lazy og.


I really, really wish I was exaggerating that, however I’m not. Keys double press, don’t press, they just seem to do whatever. And this is AFTER I updated the firmware to 2.01

At this point, I’m kind of giving up on it. Maybe I’ll get a wooting keyboard instead..

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so im reviving this old topic because a lot of Blackwidow V3 owners might find it interesting. the latest firmware for this keyboard states  they fixed the issue with double typing. i updated the firmware and it seems its working 😮


Sadly right now i owe both this keyboard and a K100 and most of my peripherals are corsair and i use  icue and it seems Synapse and icue dont get too good alongside so im keeping my K100  and the other will be my secondary keyboard 

I had this problem for the last week++. I finally found out in the windows 11 keyboard setting (repeat rate) was maxed out. I never did that, that may be Synapse or any of the windows update that is messing with this setting. Anyway everything is perfect now.
p.s. I put the slider for this setting in the middle

I had this exact problem since i got this keyboard, i was just about to break it in halve when i saw your comment. This was the only option left to try and it WORKED. Thank my man. Stupid Windows 11 was the problem, not dirty keys, hardware or firmware on the keyboard. 

I don’t know if this will work for everyone, as this seems to be a bigger issue, and if this problem persists, I will def move on to alcohol, but for now, this video seemed to fix the issue for me.  I just removed the keycap, pushed the switch down with a toothpick and blew in it very hard, for about 3 minutes.