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Razer BlackWidow Elite | Feel the Difference

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The iconic gaming keyboard that needs no introduction—this is the Razer BlackWidow Elite: http://rzr.to/BlackWidowElite

It starts with the switch—Green, Orange, Yellow.

We’ve improved the Razer Mechanical Switches with the addition of dual side walls for greater stability and bonus armor against dust and liquids. Throw in the 80 million keystroke life span and you’ve got yourself a winning formula.

Rejoice! Dedicated media controls are here.

Even before the launch of the Razer Huntsman, YOU, the community has continued to lust for dedicated media keys on the BlackWidow line. The all-new BlackWidow sports a brand-new look along with the addition of a multi-function digital dial and dedicated media keys. Oh did we mention that we’re keeping the fan-favorite plush leatherette wrist rest too?

Unlock true gaming potential with Hypershift.

Unlock an arsenal of killer combos using Razer Hypershift—you can rebind each key to the skill of your choice or record multiple keystrokes into macros for any situation.

Our flagship mechanical gaming keyboard is back, and even better: http://rzr.to/BlackWidowElite

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Can´t decide between the Huntsman Elite and the Blackwidow Elite. Seems like both are amazing keyboards.
Blackwidow Elite includes all which Razer missed in Huntsman Elite.

Razer made the best product BESTEST :D

Blackwidow Elite includes all which Razer missed in Huntsman Elite.

Audio and USB 2.0 pass through. Should be USB 3.0. No issues though.
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wow nice !
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Nice looking! I wish it did have the caps, number and scroll lock (etc..) indicator design like the Blackwidow V2 and the Ornata does, but otherwise that is all I have to complain about. Might end up being my first mechanical one of those days.
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So, is this better than the Blackwidow V2. The naming is starting to get very confusing. Wasn't 'Elite' used for the lower tier products?

Also, no underglow? :frown_:
Is this the tournament version or the true ? It looks like more to a Blackwidow X than the original Blackwidow
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Sucks to be me. Just got a Blackwidow v2 with green switches. 😞
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So many new goodies announced, this is my favourite one.
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Amazing keyboard got even more amazing 😮 how should we call it now?
looks really difference~ looks awesome
Blackwidow without 5 macro key buttons at right side.... No!!
do they sell different colured keys for the huntsman elite
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Stop bringing so much perfect products at this astonishing rate, my heart will crumble.

What am i saying ?

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Damn that trailer is looking better than most of the movies lol.
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Incredible promo video. It looks great and it's nice the USB is on the left now so it's usable. The reinforced keys look good too and the media keys. Plus cable management and the Instant Trigger technology. Nice upgrade from the V2!:big_grin_: (unless you want the macro keys).
The only 2 minor things I'd like different is the nonbacklit secondarys and the passthrough could be a 3.0 USB.
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I like what you guys are doing with the keyboards this year. I would like to see a Razer Orbweaver Elite next please. It would go so well with a new Razer Blade! 🙂
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Hmmmmm...... This one or the Huntsman?
I want this 😛
I actually felt the video. Creepy.
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nice.. nice.. nice.. When do we see it at physical stores..
more and more stuff plz!
I need to replace my old blackwidow with this one with orange switch.Gonna wait for the EU version to be available
Looks Amazing! I have the BlackWidow Ulltimate and its hella cool! I think I want this one too. Hmmmmm. Xmas?
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I love the media control keys & jog dial.