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Razer Ornata v3 Owner Test Request

  • 28 June 2023
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Just bought an Ornata V3 keyboard and I’m having quite a specific issue was wondering if someone could test on their own one. 

Problem is consistent in or out of game but it’s only a problem for me specifically in counter strike where I use caps lock to slow walk, details below.


If I’m holding both caps lock and W down at the same time then all adjacent keys to W don’t register, so Q,E,A,S,D,1,2 and 3 all won’t register an input.

The inverse is also the same so if I hold caps lock and Q,E,A,S,D,1,2 or 3 then W is the only key that fails to register.  

You can test quite easily by typing in browser and holding both caps lock and W, then pressing Q,E,A,S,D,1,2 or 3. These keys will fail to interrupt the stream of Ws and same will go for the inverse if you hold caps lock and Q down together, only W will fail to stop the stream of Qs.


If it's not clear what I mean when I say 'stream of Ws' above, what I mean is if I hold down caps lock and W in a search bar for instance it will input WWWWWWWWWWWW forever until you press another key that interrupts it.


If someone with the same model keyboard can test and let me know if they have this issue, I’ll know not to bother exchanging this one and just look for a different model instead. 


I’ve already tested on another pc, tested with and without synapse running, uninstalled and reinstalled drivers etc. but the issue remains.  The problem is also specifically when holding caps lock and the keys mentioned above, if I hold shift and W for example it works as expected with all other keys registering. 



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