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Razer product cushions quality

  • 24 November 2019
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2 years ago I bought my first game pc. I bought a Razer Ornata Chroma keyboard and Razer ManO'War 7.1 headset. Two months ago I noticed that headset cushion was damaged and parts of the material were tearing apart. Due to work I stop playing games in summer season and start on november.You can see the dust on them in the photos below. A few days later I noticed the same on keyboard cushion. Read some other posts on forum, that this was an effect of moisture in case you get sweat. Well my opinion depending on headset damage and the part that I dont sweat easy, is that the quality of cushion quality is the lowest Razer can provide.
For me that was the first and last time I purchased any of Razer products. With that high cost to purchase Razer products they could definately provide a better quality for their products. Well I believe that 20$ products are better than Razer. Have fun being fulled by Razer

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