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Razer Tartarus V2 | Infinite Commands. Endless Possibilities.

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I've never owned one of these ergonomic keypads despite being tempted to do so in the past. Once again, I'm debating.
I just love my Orbweaver. Never give that thing away 😃
It's seem like a good product but I never know what is it used for...
What is this
Woohoo!!! a keypad with a wheel again I can finally replace my Nostromo!
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Wait a second... No.
The World is made for righthanded men 😞
Looks cool but i can only afford the mouse at this point :frown_:
hype one! i like hes the wirst rest on it.
Its so nice how Razer spent his efforts to make us poorless people XD
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Really? Applause Razer:cool_: Thanks 3 days (sold even unopened) IPhoneX you saved my wallet;)
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Looks awesome, great addition of the cushioned rest and the scroll wheel.
This is what I have been waiting for- A must have for RPGMMO's!
My wallet is in danger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jesus, another brand new peripheral back to back to back. I'm starting to get the feeling of the Pharaoh's and the pyramids! haha! :big_grin_::smile_::cool_: