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Razer Tartarus V2 | Infinite Commands. Endless Possibilities.

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Discover a world of endless possibilities with the new Razer Tartarus V2. Unlock your true potential with 32 fully programmable keys and infuse your fingertips with every skill, macro, and hotkey available. Augment your commands further with the 8-way directional thumbpad or use it to control movement across the map.

Equipped with fan-favorite mecha-membrane keys, you’ll feel the crisp tight response and soft bounce with every spell you cast. The unique mid-height actuation gives you the slight edge so you can always out-duel your enemies.

Powered by Razer Chroma, customize the Razer Tartarus V2 the way you want it by labeling each key a unique color, a truly unique experience designed the way you want. All of this, packed in an improved ergonomic form factor that’ll tide you through the deadliest of dungeon crawls.

Obtain infinite power in the palm of your hand with the new Razer Tartarus V2 – http://rzr.to/TartarusV2

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This is what I have been waiting for- A must have for RPGMMO's!
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Looks awesome, great addition of the cushioned rest and the scroll wheel.
Its so nice how Razer spent his efforts to make us poorless people XD
WOOW I liked the tartarus and now V2 so cool
I am left handed, and while I agree that the world is still not really suited for us, This device is meant for your left hand from the look of it.

There's a mouse in my left hand, that's why i wonder if someday i'll find a right hand version of Tartarus ;)

BTW Razer used mythology once again - greek this time - thumbs up!
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OK Razer, time to develop a quality TRADE UP program FOR the RAZER FAITHFUL!!!! I need to trade in my Razer Naga Epic Chroma and my Razer Tarturus Chroma now!!! And thank goodness I started a college fund for my son!! CAUSE he isn't going, need to take that money for the own payment on the RAZER cellphone I must have NOW!! This is becoming a LOVE/HATE relationship.
Plan on picking one of these up later this year to help with wrist pain during long gaming sessions and picking up a Blackwidow v2 TE. Would get the Orbweaver but dont want to spend that much on a gamepad just yet.
hype one! i like hes the wirst rest on it.
Woohoo!!! a keypad with a wheel again I can finally replace my Nostromo!
I just love my Orbweaver. Never give that thing away 😃
What is that monstrosity?!?!?!?!
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Good thing the wrist rest is finally removable.
Hopefully they will upgrade the orbweaver as well
moba moba moba~~~
There's a mouse in my left hand, that's why i wonder if someday i'll find a right hand version of Tartarus ;)

BTW Razer used mythology once again - greek this time - thumbs up!

Good luck to you, I know it can be hard for the lefty's of the world!
hmm... i'm thinking about to buy this... it's nice... but i have a keyboard....

Hey, that's okay- this is used in tandem with a keyboard. I'm a long-time MMORPG player and the more keybinds for me- the better. (WoW, GW2 for example)

I want this! But I want it stealthy! I want no more clickity-clacks on my keys anymore!

Praise my Blackwidow Chroma V2 Stealth! I want to pair it up with Tart. V2 Stealth!
Gimme now!
I have the original orbweaver stealth and it is dying (keycaps are all worn and fly off or are cracked and glued back together. I wanted to buy replacement keys to try to last until they eventually release an orbweaver v2 but I have been waiting a long time. I am going to see if a co worker can 3d print me some replacement keys but I have looked at the tartarus v2, I like how it has the scroll wheel my n52te I used to have had. Only thing is I am not sure if I will regret downgrading from a mechanical switch to a membrane, does anyone who own this find the response time any different from a mechanical stealth switch? Also other concern I have is I am worries the thumb movement might not be as good as the orbweaver, does anyone own this that uses their thumbstick for movement have any input on whether it works well for that? I know alot of people using the gamepads dont' use it for movement so I want to find that out before I decide to give in and go with a Tartarus V2 instead of waiting for something that may not come out in the v2 orbweaver.
Jesus, another brand new peripheral back to back to back. I'm starting to get the feeling of the Pharaoh's and the pyramids! haha! :big_grin_::smile_::cool_:
My wallet is in danger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Really? Applause Razer:cool_: Thanks 3 days (sold even unopened) IPhoneX you saved my wallet;)
Looks cool but i can only afford the mouse at this point :frown_:
The World is made for righthanded men 😞
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Wait a second... No.
It's seem like a good product but I never know what is it used for...
What is this