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razer turret xbox one has anyone seen this before ?

  • 15 October 2023
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Hello there I’m curious if anyone has dealt with this before or I’m just crazy or doing something wrong with the key board along the edges of the mouse pad plastic I’m getting these little weird shark fin shaped cracks this happened to the first keyboard and thankfully they replaced it but were skeptical if I damaged it which is understandable but now the new replacement has started to form these same cracks it sucks cause eventually they weaken and the crack will chip away I’m in no way bashing the product as I enjoy the key board I just don’t understand why this keeps happening this is prolly a  four month old replacement and has never been dropped as I keep it on my desk thanks for any replies just trying to figure out why these keeps happening as I really like the keyboard. Pictures attached of the keyboard that was replaced as well as this new one with the same exact cracks forming.

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