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Annoying Scroll Up Issue - Razer Viper Ultimate

  • 11 August 2021
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I have just purchased my new Razer Viper Ultimate produced in the 27th week of 2021. While scrolling down, everything feels smoothly and sounds just fine. However, when scrolling up, the scroll makes huge, unpleasant noise with noticeable resistance. The problem is described to the letter in this short YouTube video:

Does anybody else have this issue? What can I do about this? I heard that this is quite common issue and simply returning my mouse to the store and getting another one might not work here as I will end up with the very same problem. The mouse is great and I don't want to use a different product, just get rid of this scroll problem. I have already contacted support and waiting for their reply, but I really wanted to know your opinion guys.

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2 Replies

Razer quickly claimed that my product was faulty so I got my mouse replaced (which is great) and guess what. I have exactly the same problem with the new mouse I have just received... This is devastating. It appears that I will need to find a completely different mouse because my ears can't stand that scroll up noise, especially during night sessions. Such a shame as this product is almost perfect 😕
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Not every product is 100% perfect.
You would have loved RAZER Basilisk Ultimate

Basilisk Ultimate comes with "Scroll Wheel Resistance adjustment dial" that allow users to set the resistance level and to prevent scrolling noise