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Connect Mamba 2012 to Mac with synapse

  • 23 April 2021
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I would like to connect my Mamba Mouse 2012 to my Mac Book pro 2019 (last Maj > Big Sur).
The mouse is picked up by the computer, but the synapse software to shave does not work. It doesn't pick up the mouse, so I can't make the mouse settings.

I have already tried to install and reinstall Synapse,
I've already tried this too:
Apple Menu -> System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> Privacy Tab -> Input Monitoring > Add synapse

Do you have any solutions?


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macOS Big Sur is the first release by Apple to deprecate the use of "Kernel Extensions". Something this app utilizes to control the key binds and whatnot. Some people are successful in making this work and others are not but you should know that the next the next version of macOS will be to full move to "System Extensions". Apple's new framework to accomplish with Kernel Extensions once did. At that point, nothing will work until Razer updates this software.

That being said the issues you face are something you really can't get passed. That link is the best guide to try and get the software to work but don't hold your breath. Many are not successful.

If all fails I would recommend the following
1) is an open project for chroma colors
2) software to help key bind the extra buttons. Warning: This will cost you some coin.
3) Buy a Logitech G600. It's $40 and has all the buttons you'll want. They actually upgrade the gaming software for macOS.

I personally use the second option and love it. Works great but I hate that I have to spend money.