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Deathadder v3 8khz polling rate dropped to one in eight

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My Deathadder v3 wired version works fine,but once i reboot my pc,the polling rate dropped to 1/8.(At the same time, a garbled device is detected )

8000hz ——> 1000hz   4000hz ——> 500hz

1000hz ——> 125hz     125hz——> 15or16hz…..

I need to reconnect it,then the problem temporarily solved before next reboot. 

USB Powersave mode off

Bios USB PowerShare off 


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Bumping the thread with possible solution, had the same problem where my DA V3 wired was 1/8 of set polling rate when rebooting PC, and only reconnecting the mouse would fix it until the next reboot.
For me it turned out to be electricity problem where my pc was connected to an outlet that was not grounded (in EU that’s a bolt coming out of the socket), it also manifested itself with slight electrocution whenever i was touching a nearby heater at the same time as metal part of my razer huntsman keyboard.
Both problems got fixed by getting my stuff power via a grounded outlet.

Got the DAV3 PRO, and it happens to me also well. Sometimes it lost config and go back from 1000hz to 500hz (on Windows11 or Linux). Almost every time I have to recharge the issue happens too.

On the Razer Deathadder wired there is 4 on-board memory profiles, these are empty at the start.


Trick is to go into synapse, make a profile, name it and set values as desired.

Right on the top where it says the name of your profile, the dropdown menu where you can select between any and all profiles you have made, to the right of it there is a small icon, looks like a sim card for phones.

Click on it and to the right there will appear the empty profiles of the razer mouse, below those you will see the name of your own recently made profiles, all you have to do is drag your profile to one of the empty slots.


Doing this the mouse now has 1000hz polling rate without synapse installed and it keeps all settings after reboot and connecting the mouse between different computers.

I feel like this is something that would have been very helpful if specified with the mouse in a quick-install guide or something.

This worked, thank you sir <3


Bought a Razer DeathAdder V3 Wired yesterday and encountered this problem. As it was written, the MHz of the mouse was reset to 1/8 of the required one. Reconnecting to the USB port helped, but the next time the computer was restarted, the problem returned.

In my case, changing the USB port connection helped. First of all, the mouse was connected to USB 3.2 Gen 1, after which I changed it to USB 2 and the problem stopped occurring. Tried another USB 3.2 slot, but now Gen 2 - no problem yet either.

If the problem arises again - I will return to this post.