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Deathadder V3 (Wired) oddities with cable, packaging?

  • 27 May 2023
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Hey, so I purchased this mouse directly from Amazon UK warehouse brand new at around £70 and when it arrived the sticker was in place normally. However, you could easily open the box and put the sticker back without evidence of it being opened.

  1. In the box were two of the same warranty cards, is that normal?
  1. The mouses cable wrapping, made of woven nylon cloth, was bagging/crumpling up at the end. I could pinch it and roll it down as if it was cut too long, is this normal also?
  2. The cable was wrapped and held together by a rubber tie but did not look neat, is that normal?

Thanks, I just wanted to verify if I got a used or defective one.

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here is a video I made which will expire in under 2 days: