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how do i clean mousepad ?!

  • 9 January 2019
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I was recomended from razer, to use microfiber cloth for glass surface, but not to use water.
That i already tried and it didn't work.
So i went to chemical forums, where they recommended to use cloth as well, but told me that i can use water, if i just damped cloth with it, that it is unlikely, that it would damage surface.
They said it would have to be sunken into water in order to sustain damage.
So i tried it and now it is even worse, surface is sticky and mouse is so sluggish.
How i am supposed to clean mousepad ?
Even if i don't drink/eat at computer and touch mouse only with clean hands, always after like 2 weeks, or sooner mouse have to much friction and games are unplayable for me...
It is actually just garbage surface, everything mouse/mousepad.
Pro gamers get like 100 mousepad from sponsors and i saw them to get new mouse per tournament.
Because it makes actually so much difference...
If i was milionaire i would buy new mouse for each day, but i am not, this is actually so stupid...

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what kind of mousepad are you using?
Razer goliathus speed(terra edition), doubt there is anything i can do. What i can do home, water doesn't work, not sunken in water, just blotting with moisten microfiber cloth on glass. And without water, it doesn't do anything. How do i get dust and sweat from mousepad otherwise. And i have problem with mouse too, it starts rubbing.
Already after one day, there creates spots from sweating and i can tell diffrence (after 1 day).
Andi tried even using mouse only with perfectly clean hands and not even drinking at pc for 14 days and even that did nothing.
It is sweating and dust and even your skin gets into mousepad and i didn't see full gaming gloves and i found like only couple gaming gloves and gloves with no opening, would be unfomfortable, especially when your hand is sweating.
Some people suggest air conditioner, or fan, which only make it less potent, but over time sweat still builds up.
And stil it doesn't solve dust catching around mousefeet and in mousepad.
I should have just born in future, when u can control your games using mind, not that emotiv, would work for competetive games like starcraft.
There is literaly nothing, i can do, i just post because this is annoying, maybe razer could make better surface.
I saw troll video, of mouse without any friction :D
And dust is crazy and i don't even live in some location, which is extra dusty, after one day monitor is covered by dust and after 1-2 even surface of things, dust is cancer...