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HOWTO restore Bluetooth functionality of ProClick?

  • 5 June 2023
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Hi there,

The Bluetooth functionality of my ProClick mouse stopped working for no reason.

  • When I move the bottom switch to Bluetooth mode, the LED starts blinking in pairing mode (on, on, pause) but the mouse cannot be detected by any Bluetooth receiver (neither on Windows nor on Linux)
  • The behavior is the same on all three Bluetooth channels (blue, green ,yellow)
  • Mouse works fine in 2.4 GHz (with dongle) and wired mode.
  • Firmware is on version v1.02.00_r1

The purchase date was in 2020 so I fear that it is out of warranty. Still it’s pretty disappointing that such an expensive mouse suffers from such a malfunction.

Any chance to resurrect Bluetooth functionality? Any tips are welcome.

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