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Mamba elite vs basilisk 2019

  • 9 April 2019
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So i was thinking about getting a mamba since a long time and now that the limited is out i wanted to get it in this days, but the basilisk came out and it have good reviews so now i am not sure which one to get, mamba i what i wanted but basilisk is newest razer model and i heard they solve any issues old model have, so my main questions would be if the mamba elite is as good as basilisk or the fact that basilisk is newer doesnt mean is better?

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Basilisk 2019? You mean the Essential version? If yes, buy Mamba Elite. It has:

  • Better sensor
  • Built-in internal memory
  • moar Chroma
  • more universal shape, similar to DeathAdder.

I have both DA Elite & Basilisk (the 1st one), and for me DA is better (shape, and less weight), but Basilisk is great when sniping 😉
Thanks finally someone decided to answer, now without doubt i Will go for the elite.