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Mousepad no more recognized in Synapse after BIOS Update

  • 1 October 2019
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Hey guys,

i just updated my BIOS today, bc of the new Ryzen 3000 Fix released by AMD. Everything went well on my MSI B450 Gaming Pro Carbon - the only thing that wasn't "working" no more was my Goliathus Chroma Extended.

The Synapse Software recognizes my Ornata Chroma like before. Also good to know - before the BIOS Update the Synapse Software also recognized my Mousepad.

I tried reinstalling the software and deleted all Razer-Files with windows explorer, but it only recognizes the keyboard.

Interesting is, that the software downloads files after I connect the mousepad the first time after reinstallation.
So technically it recognizes the mousepad, but it is not shown in the "cockpit" of the Synapse 3 software and therefore not controllable.

Has anyone of you experienced similar issues?
Did you find any solutions concerning this problem?

Kind regards,

Running Windows 10 Pro (1903)
Ryzen 5 3600 (not overclocked)
RTX 2060 Super
16 GB GSkill TridentZ RAM
Samsung 970 Evo Plus M2 SSD 500GB

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