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My Razer Deathadder Essential wired mouse randomly stopped working.

  • 5 December 2023
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So I have bought the mouse from a local retail company last year. I don’t play video games often, and I don’t use my computer every day so I am very confident that my mouse is in perfect condition. 2 days ago my sister borrowed my mouse to use her Mac Mini, and everything was fine until yesterday, when my cat went into the table, biting some wires. For some reason she managed to lfip the mouse over and some of her fur went into the lazer pointer, and the mouse stopped working. The single color chorma lighting of the mouse disappeared, and I thought at first that the fur blocking the lazer sensor was the problem, so I cleaned it up with cotton buds/swab (without putting any type of liquid in it) and removed the fur of my cat out of the lazer sensor. But the mouse is still not working, nor does the single color lightning. I already tried using the mouse on my own pc, but Windows said that the USB device is not recognized (see below)

To make sure it is not a problem with my laptop or my sister’s Mac mini, I used my Razer Cynosa Lite keyboard on her Mac mini (Have been using the keyboard for a year too) and it did not malfunction like my mouse, so I ruled out the computer having problems with the usb port. Do you guys know what should I do?

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Hello JapGaming69,

I’m here to help. Does the issue persist while the Razer Synapse is closed or disabled? If so, PM me your mouse serial number so I can verify its model and provide other workarounds. All the best!

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