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My viper v2 dongle (usb ) isnt working

  • 15 April 2024
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So I was calibrating my mouse’s dpi to my brother laptop then suddenly my mouse was blinking white and the cursor wasn’t moving so check the battery it’s was at 45% but it the .
the dongle ( I tried my brother’s mice’s dongle with receiver it was was working  with his mice(dongle) but not with mine(dongle)

I also read some where that people’s dongles dying,  might’ve it  died on me can’t,  have use a wireless mouse wired now and what is the point  of buying a wireless mouse if it’s dongle dies suddenly,  and I’m out of warranty so can’t go back for a refund or exchange I used this mouse for a year and 4 months now 

if it could can get a replacement 

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