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Possible options?

Good afternoon, I'm Jason. I've been interested in picking up a new mouse, but don't really like the death adder, which is usually a go to. I've been leaning close to the lancehead gunmetal edition, because of the better RGB aesthetic, and just better design in my opinion. So, do you guys have any suggestions?

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Depending on what game you play. If you play a lot of fps games, I suggest you go for Razer Basilisk. It is much better than Deathadder in terms of bullet control (click) in my opinion (Tried in the shop and finally I get Razer Basilisk). I am quite satisfy with it just if the mouse can be a little big bigger it would be perfect.
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My suggestion is to try to get to a store that has Razer mice on display, and see how they feel in your hand. Everybody is going to have their favourite mouse, and there are definite pluses and minuses to various mouses depending on your own preferences.

I, for one, am a fan of the Basilisk. The action on it is great, and the thumb rest and DPI clutch are good features. My pinky gets tired after using it for a long time, though, just because of the shape of the right side of the mouse and how my fingers grip it.

The DeathAdder Elite is great all around. Same sensor as the Basilisk, and feels more natural in my hand. Still not my favourite, though.

I can't get used to the buttons on both sides of the Lancehead, so that leaves it out for my personal tastes, except as an addition to my collection someday.

I am partial to my Naga Epic Chroma. The weight, the shape, the extra buttons, the feel - all tops for me. If only it had the 5G optical sensor like the DAE and Basilisk. I don't have a Naga Trinity yet, but I think that it would suit me just fine, even though it would be lighter than my Naga Epic.

As far as the RGB options, I've always been partial to the Mamba. Those lines along the sides just look fantastic!

TL;DR - go see how the Lancehead feels for you. Your opinion is really going to be the only one that matters in this case.