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Pro Click Mini intermittent mouse repositioning

  • 13 July 2022
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I've recently got a Pro Click Mini. It is connected to my PC using the 2.4GHz dongle. Intermittently my cursor will fly to the left or top most end of the screen. Occurrence roughly once to twice an hour. Swapped out the batteries for a verified fully charged ones as well as a new set of one use AAs with the same issue.

Have yet to verify if this happens on Bluetooth as I do not currently have access to a bluetooth dongle for testing tutuapp.

Not entirely sure if it may be due to RF interference in my room or signal strength. 2.4GHz dongle is connected to the back of my monitor. So the monitor itself is the only thing blocking line of sight. Is this normal? Should I be sending this for servicing?

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Try to connect the dongle directly into your motherboard (USB 3.0 port and above, avoiding any USB hubs).
Also be sure, that there's no elecrical cables or other 2.4GHz devices (like BT, WiFi) nearby, that can interfere with Pro Click Mini signal.