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Razer Basilisk Ultimate Sniper button (?)

  • 26 October 2020
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Hi, I was wondering about the mouse's capability to bind this sniper button key on most games (especially FPS games).

I'm having some trouble binding the sniper button in the games' settings, it doesn't register it. Although I am able to use the mouse's hypershift functions while pressing the sniper button (By binding the sniper button as the hypershift)

I need some answers and help on how to set up the sniper button so that I can bind it in most games.

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2 Replies

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You need to unbind the hypershift function from the clutch key in Synapse.
I don't remember is it possible to bind "mouse button 6" (or some higher number) to the key, but if not, you can bind for example keyboard function key F24 (which is not used anywhere, but games should handle it).
Awesome, thanks man! Good point, the hypershift function may be blocking the input. Thank you!