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Razer Basilisk Ultimate will not charge

  • 25 March 2024
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I have recently acquired a Razer Basilisk Ultimate and it will not charge. It says that it is charging but will stay at 4% and breathing red no matter how long or what way I try to charge it. I have tried every fix to this problem I have read online.

  • Cleaning the pins/port
  • Firmware update
  • Plugging directly into the computer
  • Plugging directly into the wall
  • Plugging the dock into the computer
  • Plugging the dock directly into the wall

Nothing is working and I am getting very frustrated. The worst part about this is that I got the mouse from someone on Facebook Marketplace as apart of a peripherals set, so I don’t believe I won’t have the necessary information to contact Razer Support. Was hoping that someone with a similar issue would be able to give me a couple other options to try because I really do not want to have to buy a new mouse ore use this one wired in if I don’t have to.

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