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Razer Baskilsk Ultimate Review

  • 8 December 2020
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Hi everyone, been a while since the last product review updated. We had been through a lot this year.

Not only globally but also from my personal. I was taken a big hit in my relationship since this video was halfway processed. I was been through this depressed mental that stops the editing.

Anyway, this mouse is by far the most expensive mouse I ever bought. G502 was the first mouse I owned and I didn't like it in general. Likewise the Basilisk Ultimate. But still, it gives the latest feature in the product. So if appearance is the priority to you, then go for it.

Besides the Basilisk Ultimate, the Viper Ultimate is also the mouse that will offer the charging dock bundle option. That is an awesome design, in my opinion, you might need that eventually if you considering the wireless option.

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