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Razer Deathadder button 4 and 5 not working properly

  • 9 January 2023
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I´ve been looking around on the internet for an sollution but i can´t seem to find one.

So the problem is. My button 4 and 5 on the side of the mouse aren´t working anymore. I never had this problem before but recently they quit working.

The weird thing is. After i push in both the side buttons 4 and 5 and the 2 buttons on top. They both work for like 10 seconds again.

I also just found out: if i hold one of the 2 side buttons for like 2 seconds they both start working again for like 30 seconds.

I really have no idea what i can do to fix this. Is it some weird option/setting from the mouse that turns dissables the side buttons and when i hold them for a small amount of time it turns on both buttons.

Thanks for reading and mayby offer an sollution.

13 Replies

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1st, I'd try to reset mouse in Synapse - go to Synapse settings (gear icon on the top), then Reset tab -> reset DeathAdder.
You can also create a new, empty profile to check the button behavior.
Thanks for your response.

I did what you said but unfortunately it didn't work 😞.

Have you found out the solution?

I have my two buttons 4 and 5 that have stopped working. have you found a solution? 

Same thing is happening to me, button 4 and 5 only working when they feel like it (which is, only occasionally). Have you found something that helped?

I’m also experiencing the same issue, both my side buttons and now the two sensitivity button on the top are not working as well.

@technoYellowRose233 Yeah a few days later my sensitivity buttons were unresponsive too. I had to file for a replacement with customer service. Replacement works perfectly so far.

ive had 2 razer deathadder mouses now and have the same issue on both (button 4 and 5 doesnt work) first  i just assumed the mouse was broken since the first one was old but now the second one got the same issue, tried everything nothing works. wont be buying another mouse from razer thats for sure 

I’ve been having the same issue after reading online haven’t managed to find a solution that works, otherwise i love the feel of the mouse but will probably not be getting another razer product

I just had the same issue out of no where, please give us a solution to this, 4 buttons cant just suddenly stop working for no reason.

I have the same issue. They need to fix this!!


open the mouse, reconnect the connector ( most probably got disconnected ) as it has no lock in mechanism.


To open the mouse:

1- Remove all 3 white pieces at the bottom

2- Unscrew the 4 screws accordingly.

3- slowly pry the mouse open from the side first.

4- connect the cable that goes from the top part back in its place

5- put the mouse back together.


Please note, once the white parts are removed, it will be difficult to attached again, or cause a slight inconvenience while using.


This is my own trying and this is what i had to do to make the buttons work again.


hope it helps


these ******** used a tiny screw that isnt even philips how did you get it open?