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Razer Deathśddee essentional

  • 4 November 2023
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Hey guys I have got a problem with this mouse. Soo first of all this mouse work nice but about 1 or 2 week ago this mouse started lagging while playing games. It just started disconnecting and connecting but it was lagging my games. On cs2 it is lagging so much and I have no idea what to do. On fifa when I connect my ps4 controller it’s also lagging for no reason. The light which I have got on 100% feels like it’s on 10. When I reconnect it it works for a few minutes and then it’s started again doing the same thing. I tried different ports and it’s still the same. Idk if it started after I download new windows update I have no idea tbh.  I tried to install firmware or something like that for this mouse and it says connect ur mouse but it is connected and on synelaps I can choose what dpi II want and change brightness. It’s only doing when I am playing some games. When I am on the browser on something like that it won’t happens. I  tried also reinstall and didn’t help Me. It’s about 4 months old this mouse and also I cleaned it. 

I if you can help me I would be happy thanks a lot 

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