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Razer Kraken X

  • 5 December 2020
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Hi there!
Today bought Razer Kraken X, downloaded Razer AppEngine as recommended and tried to configure headphones, but now I'm disappointed... 😞 Tried both versions of Synapse, and no one see my headphones. I don't feel that this is 7.1 sound, pretty bad sound quality in game. Checked recent threads, people also faced similar issues, unfortunately.

Also mic enable/disable button isn't working on headphones, I've tried to disable mic and anyway anyone hear me.

At the moment I'm a bit disappointed in Razer production and don't know if it's worth to buy something else from Razer 😞 Maybe someone know if there's some EQ/settings? AppEngine allows only enable/disable 7.1 sound, but doesn't have something else.

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