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Razer Mousepad (Hard or Soft)

  • 14 March 2020
  • 2 replies

Hello guys,

I am wondering what Mousepad should I buy Razer Goliathus (soft) or Firefly v2 (hard), please help me by giving your some reviews and experience.

These are my situation:
1. My mouse is Razer Mamba Elite
2. I have a sweaty hands (Maybe Hyperhidrosis) whenever I'm using a PC.

Do Hard mousepad scatches the bottom part of the mouse?

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2 Replies

Don't get the Firefly V2. Appears to be issues with some mice not working well with it. I have the Mamba TE and it stutters on that mousepad when you move it slowly. Maybe Razer will fix it but in the meantime I would hold off on it.
soft mousepads are also way more comfortable since u would be resting ur wrists on them