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Razer Naga Trinity - side buttons, Turbo setting, read as stuck depressed

  • 19 December 2019
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TLDR; title, hopefully I conveyed it well enough.

I have a Razer Naga Trinity, model no. RZ01-0241, and I've been having an issue for a good while, probably since I started using these settings (to follow).

I play an MMO with targeting skills - one press to bring up a reticle and a second to fire it - so I use the turbo settings for the numbers (12-button plate) and wheel tilt to save my fingers a great deal of fatigue. And this works beautifully like 70% of the time, but occasionally, the button keeps firing after I let go. This leads to firing off wrong skills at wrong times in PvP situations, and totally screwing up mechanics in PvE, often to the detriment of the group I'm running in. Then I gotta fire it again to get it to reset, and hope it doesn't happen again.

I've already ruled out that it could be the game, because it's happened in at least 3 so far (Guild Wars 2, Grim Dawn, Starbound). And I believe I can also rule out that it's a mechanical issue, because I've never noticed skills sticking without turbo (Guild Wars 2 will continually fire skills when a key is held steady). Obviously I dunno how their hard/software works, but I'm imagining the mouse is sending the electronic signal and Synapse 3 (3.4.1112.111915 at the moment) is interpreting the signal, turning it into a 1/0 wave signal, and releasing the key sees the signal cut of during the 1 portion, so it stays in 1.

Searched the forum with no luck. Feels like this might be only me who's running into this issue? Any thoughts on whether Razer is working on it, or if there's a fix on my end? Am I even in the right forum for reporting issues?

inb4 "just turn off turbo", but what's the point of even offering turbo settings if not to be used.
inb4 "switch profiles button to one without turbo when you need to", but in the middle of a match or a run, that's incredibly inconvenient.

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